Action Research

Robert Paterson offers some good advice to federal Social Development Minister Ken Dryden, in the spirit of action research, to stop trying to be all things to all people and get on with creating an effective child care programme:

Instead of trying to do a deal with everyone – why not put out the DNA of what you want. Not just baby sitting but development. Development that most can access. Attach say 2 Billion to this and say that the first 3 provinces that agree will get the deal as offered. You will then monitor the deal for 3 years and we will all learn what works.

Often when we try to address complex problems that involve multiple parties and perspectives, we can get analysis paralysis, because we will never have all of the answers. Sometimes it’s best to just get on with it – by starting small, being open to learn from our experiences and adjusting as we go. Rob’s advice makes sense to me.


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