Taking back the Web

So how powerful is the blog as a marketing tool?

One year ago I had about 50 visitors per month on this site. Today, I have more than 30,000. I just did a search for "harold" on Google, and of over 11 million articles, I am now on the first page; the last entry, but still page one. I know that this is a bit of vanity and I don’t believe that this position will last [I may have been kicked to page two already], but the lesson here is that I have spent no money on advertising nor marketing.

I write 3-10 short articles per week and I participate in conversations that interest me. I have not paid for search engine optimization and I have not hired any marketing specialists. I’m just doing on the web what previously I was doing face-to-face. This is the power of blogs; to extend our reach while retrieving our sense of community.

Now this great honour of being on Google page one does not equate to market share nor additional revenue, but it shows how some guy in a small town in Atlantic Canada can be part of the global village. This is the power of networks, as discussed in The Cluetrain and recently evidenced by the over 25 million downloads of the free, open source web browser – Firefox.

Yes, Virginia, we can take back the Web.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ego Surfing First Name
    Well, Harold, it looks to me like you’ve already dropped to 33rd, which is mid third-page. The PageRank gods are indeed restless.

    But before you accuse me of gloating, I’ll point out that a search for "Christopher" didn’t bring me up on the first fifty results pages. Yes, I checked that many before giving up. What can I say? Christopher Reeves was quite popular…


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