I attended a local business gathering last night and the government-sponsored economic development folks gave a briefing on their programs and support (So Patrick & Isabelle, here are some articles that may be of interest; if you get to this website).

First of all, especially if you are looking at entrepreneurship as an early career option, I would recommend Dave Pollard’s list of reasons Why Young People are Afraid to Start their own Business and would call this Understand your Market for the economic developers. Reasons include:

Can’t handle failure
Don’t know the process
Can’t handle the stress
Can’t handle loneliness

For further background material I would read all of Dave’s work on Natural Enterprises, which will soon be a book. I’ve used much of this material with my own clients.

For those who are supposed to be preparing people for entrepreneurship, take a look at Jeff Cornwall’s post on Entrepreneurship Can, and Is, being Taught:

I believe there are two critical aspects of entrepreneurship education that increase success rates. First, we teach them what deals not to go into through the process of opportunity assessment. We teach them how to “fail on paper.” They learn how to create discipline around their instincts and drive to move ahead blindly into the pursuit of their ideas. Second, we teach them about how to manage growth effectively. Any banker will tell you that this is where most businesses fail. We teach them about the challenges that success can create as their ventures grow. As one banker likes to say, “Too much success leads to failure.”

Finally, I would recommend the Bootstrappers Bible to get a fresh pespective on starting a business with little money.


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