Needed – Open Source Formative Evaluation Tool

I was recently asked if I knew of any OS testing/evaluation tools. Stephan List is looking for something that he can use to put evaluations online that will give immediate feedback to the user. Something like your typical magazine quiz, on “how good are you at …” with the results available for your own instant gratification.

I thought of Atutor’s AForm and Stephan mention I Give Test, but the former seems to be designed for academic testing while the latter is open source but charges for license fees.

Any other suggestions out there? Please respond, even in the negative, so that I know that my new feeds are working from this WordPress installation. Thanks.

3 Responses to “Needed – Open Source Formative Evaluation Tool”

  1. Loretta

    My interpretation of formative evaluation is focued on the instructional design and delivery. So I’m finding it difficult to understand the types of questions you are giving as examples and the kind of feedback you want to give. In this regard, I use critical incident reports from learners to glean high points or moments of disengagement in the instruction. I’m not able to suggest specific open source tools. But you may want to check the Educause website.

  2. Dave Ferguson

    No help for the actual question; just letting you know that I’ve been getting your site’s feed at my NetVibes aggregation page with no problem whatsoever.

    — Dave


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