Yugma free web conferencing

I came across the Yugma web collaboration application a while back but haven’t had time to test it out. Chris Nadeau has been using it and says that it compares favourably with applications like Webex and Vyew. Yugma requires a download (thin client) which may limit its use for those behind the firewall.

What really interests me about Yugma is that it offers free tele-conferencing, something not available on the free/low-cost Vyew application and much too expensive on Webex. Yugma may have found the sweet-spot for free web conferencing.

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  1. Sarah

    Hi Harold,

    Thank you for mentioning Vyew! Actually, Vyew’s free version does offer free tele-conferencing. Here’s a link to a list of its features, http://vyew.com/content/Features.

    I hope you find Vyew useful and keep the feedback coming!

    -Sarah, marketing, vyew.com

  2. Harold

    Thanks, Sarah. It’s the “Note: Long-distance charges may apply” part that had me assume some cost to the user. I do like Vyew and have found it to be a good Web collaboration platform.

  3. Alex

    I’ve been using Yugma for 4 months. Initially for just a few web conferences. I liked it then. Worked well. Now I really love it. I leave it on all day long and have my team connected with me. We use it to instantly share info, review things, whiteboard when needed…. all on the fly. And then we stop sharing, but leave it turned on, until we need to interact again. It has really changed how we work and interact. I didn’t expect that to happen. But that’s what happened. You have to try it this way an see for yourself. It literally is a new way of interacting and getting things done.


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