Cappuccino U 2.0

Jerome Martin has updated Cappuccino U, a good read for anyone not versed in all the informal learning activities available on the Web:

The traditional education system cannot be expected to provide learning for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. Knowledge is growing so quickly in so many fields that educators cannot always remain current in their fields. Furthermore, there are new fields of study developing. Many of us are working in areas and fields which were not developed when we went to university.

Originally published in 2006, the ideas are more relevant today, as Jerome says, “education is not acquired through vaccination or some sort of anointment”. This is a short read and the kind of e-book to pass around (CC-licensed) to folks who say that they could never read or learn via a computer.

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  1. Jerome Martin

    Thanks for this note, Harold, and for the RT on Twitter.
    Cappuccino U has had more than 11,000 downloads since it was published in November, 2006, and the download rate continues to increase. Thanks to everyone who has read it and passed it along.


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