Global 24-hour Workplace Learning Conversation

For 24 hours starting April 21 at 9:00 am Pacific time, LearnTrends will host a series of online conversations on boosting the performance of organizations through learning. We expect hundreds of people to attend the free, live, online sessions. Conversations will be recorded and made available on the web to foster reflection and continuing discussion. Our Twitter back channel will probably be hopping. The LearnTrends community now numbers more than a thousand members around the globe. Sign up if you are not a member to keep track of what’s going on.

Lots of people have signed on for this event and I’m sure that a good part of the +1,000 members of the LearnTrends community will drop in for some part of this 24 hour online conversation that is available to anyone interested in workplace learning.

Please note that the content is also what you bring to the party. We have some set topics to start and finish. In the interim, if you have some discovery you’d like to spotlight, bring it up in conversation. You can pick a spot on the agenda, click “suggest a topic,” and tell us what and when; we’ll put it on the schedule. Alternatively, you can simply check in during the event and request the microphone.

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