Friday’s Finds #18

A weekly compilation of  the interesting things I’ve found on Twitter:

via @1ernesto1 “Dear teachers, we trust you with the children but not the Internet. Yours truly, THE ADMINISTRATION.”

@RalphMercer: “Gen Y is just a tag that describes how much adults have forgotten on what it is like to be a teen … and the fact we must label everything”

Social Contagion — Informal Learning Blog – Social Contagion. via @jaycross

The success of ROWE (results oriented work environment) pilot at Gap: GAP goes ROWE [The hierarchy model is dying.] via @jonhusband

How Not To Pitch A Blogger Redux (And Twitter pitches too) Good advice & congratulations to @kanter!

Tom Gram: Poor Scholar’s Soliloquy 1944

Digital Habitats – book review

via @c4lpt : How to make social media a business tool, not a distraction

Globe & Mail: Information-rich and attention-poor (everybody liked this one) @PhilMcCreight @gminks @kasey428 @jaycross @tonykarrer

Education Spending Versus Achievement Data. @donfred says”I’m a huge fan of education. This makes me wonder” @lemire added “no correlation!”

via @drmcewan : Secret About the Wisdom of Crowds – There is No Crowd

The BioTeaming Manifesto via @jonhusband

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    • Harold Jarche

      It’s not a perfect system, Beth, but works for now and the routine gets me thinking about what to add to my favourites during the week. A little bit of discipline and routine, but not sure if posting to Delicious would be more effective.


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