I don't do NDA's

Here are some of things I learned via Twitter this past week.

“I don’t do NDA’s” Implied Suspicion Versus Implied Trust – via @petervan

Overheard: “School is where young people go to watch old people work.” via @simfin @ScottElias @zecool

When I Grow Up (Video) – We Never Intended to Work This Way by @kevindjones

When I grow up, I want to stay until 5, even when I have nothing to do.

I want to suppress common sense for company policy.

Strive for mediocrity.

Learn not to take chances.

Not state the obvious because I fear retribution …. (cont)

State of Washington to Offer Online Materials, Instead of Textbooks, for 2-Year Colleges – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education via @cgreen

Mr. Green, of the state community-college board, says the Open Course Library is very much a work in progress, and may always be. Indeed, its success depends upon the academic community to continually review, revise, and improve the courses, and then post them back online for others. (The idea of freely sharing information, he concedes, might just be the more challenging cultural shift.)

But “getting there” is not in question, says Mr. Green. He says he’s been blunt with textbook publishers and has encouraged them to get on board if they can.

“You saw what happened with Craigslist and newspapers,” he says, referring to the free classified advertising that has helped force some newspapers out of business and required others to reinvent themselves. “We are going to get there with or without you.

Stephen Downes: ‘Connectivism’ and Connective Knowledge by @downes

Let me explain why we take this approach and what connectivism is. At its heart, connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks. Knowledge, therefore, is not acquired, as though it were a thing. It is not transmitted, as though it were some type of communication.

What we learn, what we know — these are literally the connections we form between neurons as a result of experience. The brain is composed of 100 billion neurons, and these form some 100 trillion connections and it is these connections that constitute everything we know, everything we believe, everything we imagine. And while it is convenient to talk as though knowledge and beliefs are composed of sentences and concepts that we somehow acquire and store, it is more accurate — and pedagogically more useful — to treat learning as the formation of connections.

EFF Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Animation by Nina Paley

Onerous user agreements.
Tracking and surveillance online.
“Three Strikes” and copyright cops.

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