The wisdom of lists

Finding out how others perceive you can be an interesting professional exercise. Marketing and branding may have their place but understanding how the rest of world sees you reverses that lens.

One function of Twitter that I haven’t used much is the ability to create Lists. I only have two lists, but many people seem to find them useful. For example, I have one that includes my Internet Time Alliance colleagues, so I can stay up to date with their tweets, across 8 time zones, without any additional searching. Lists are just groupings of profiles and can be created by any user. All lists are named and some have a detailed description.

I’m on about 400 lists so I decided to take a look at them and I noticed that I’m categorized in many ways. I then went through all of the titles and descriptions, standardized the language & spelling, and put these words into a text document which I used to create a Wordle cloud.

Here’s what my social mirror reflected back to me.

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