Thanks for the code

One of my earlier blog posts is still online, which I stumbled upon this week, much to my surprise.

Note: Nine years ago I was warning how production jobs were leaving Canada and getting outsourced. Deep conversations about R&D in this Province never materialized though. The industry was much too focused on “jobs”, which were subsidized by the government. One of the few large eLearning R&D projects in the province just finished last year. The private sector partner is an Ontario company and no further R&D is happening in New Brunswick.

I later shifted to using Blogger (WordPress had just been created in 2003) with a link off my website. It was easier than trying to manage a blog by myself.

Note: It’s interesting that the whole learning objects discussion seems to have disappeared from the mainstream. MOOC’s are the current educational hot topic. I have also moved on, doing much less work in the educational sector and now more focused on integrating learning into the enterprise workflow.

My self-hosted blog started in 2004 using the Drupal CMS and I later switched to WordPress, which made it much easier to manage. Drupal was too much for a mere blog.

Hosting my own blog was one of the best decisions I ever made. Using WordPress was fortuitous, as Automattic is probably the best internet company there is. Best in the sense of supporting its greater community. Best in “not being evil”. The company is doing a very good job of making the Web a better place.

Blogging has provided me with a medium for self-expression and self-publication and a unique medium to reflect on almost a decade of work. Thanks to all those people who believed enough in blogging to write code that works! Many of us really appreciate it.

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  1. Bonnie Zink

    Many others, like myself, appreciate your willingness to synthesize and share your knowledge, Harold. Yours is one of my go-to blogs. You provide a shining example on how sharing is part of the learning process. Learning is about collecting knowledge, incorporating that knowledge into our everyday process, and, most importantly, sharing that knowledge with others. Each activity in this three pronged process supports the other two. Reading your blog not only inspires me to continue to collect and incorporate knowledge, it shows me how to reflect on and share those thoughts with others as I continue on my learning journey.


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