Cooperative finds

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. 

The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation ~ Bertrand Russell” – via @JenniferSertl

@MickSainsbury – PKM feeds the intellectual capital of an organisation

Organisations should be facilitating a culture of PKM and promoting its value to its people as a significant strategy for capacity building, continuous improvement, innovation, renewal, reconstruction and engagement.

PKM feeds the intellectual capital of an organisation.

@TomSpiglanin – Social Net Work and the Workplace Professional

This is the concept of net work: individual nodes who connect work teams to vast social networks through communities of practice, making the work teams significantly more productive and effective. If there is power in a single connected node, imagine the increased power of multiple nodes connecting the workplace to individually cultivated communities of practice. The net work product has the potential to grow exponentially better.

@JayCross – Learn Informal Learning Informally. Experiential

This workshop is not a course. It’s more like Outward Bound meets Oxford. You learn by doing.

 You work surrounded by the knowledge of others, Why on earth would you not use it?

Objection 4. “Our people are too busy for this. It will take too much time”
Too busy to learn, but not too busy to reinvent wheels, rework solutions, and revisit old problems? You need to explain that KM is a time-saver, that it cut project times by up to 16%, that it’s the lazy person’s way to work. As one of my colleagues said “You work surrounded by the knowledge of others, Why on earth would you not use it? It will save money and time, it will make your life easier, and you will do a better job”. Basically, if people are so busy, there is not argument NOT to introduce KM.

@JohnnieMoore – Strip out the strategising and you may create the conditions for swift trust

Of course in big organisations, talking strategy can be a high status activity – those who are seen to be good at it get the big bucks. That presents a pretty serious impediment to more agile processes happening inside the hierarchy. But it’s not going to stop them happening outside.

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  1. Jon Husband

    Re: stripping out the strategy talk (it’s happening anyway, outside) … a pretty clear argument for getting experimental and intelligent about ‘crowd-sourcing’ strategy (at least the fundamental assumptions that feed into whatever strategy emerges).


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