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I have been writing about personal knowledge management on this blog since 2004. With almost every client engagement I see its usefulness in the workplace. PKM helps individuals, organizations, and society. The more and better we share our knowledge, the more resilient become our networks. PKM is every person’s part of the new social contract in the network era, in my opinion.

We are just finishing our third PKM online workshop. The next one is scheduled for September. With each workshop I see people whose eyes are opened to the possibilities of sharing, cooperating, and co-creating knowledge. This has been wonderful to watch. Here are some thoughts on PKM from workshop participants:

Connecting with those who are in the know is the best way to learn how to navigate this new learning environment.

Social learning involves the risk that comes with thinking aloud.

Seek/Sense/Share is magnified by Web 2.0.

All of us are smarter than any of us.

Embrace the uncertainty of the journey while seeking and sharing the abundance.

Engage in conversations that are both familiar and foreign.

For the past few years I have thought about writing a book on PKM, but finding paid work has always won out. I keep refining blog posts and writing short articles but there is a lot to put together to make a cohesive guide book. I would now like to ask for help.

If you would like to see a Creative Commons licensed book that covers PKM in depth, then you can make a very small investment in the process. For only $10 you can become a basic sponsor. This will get you a 14 page PDF overview of PKM (sent by email) and your name as a contributor in the final, much longer, book, which will be published online and made available to everyone for free. You will be giving back to the network. With every investment, I will dedicate time to the book. If I do not have to search for my next paid work contract, then I can focus on the book.

Another way to contribute is by sharing your stories of what PKM has meant to you. If you link to this post, comment, or send me an email, I will try to incorporate your ideas into the book. Please feel free to send suggestions of topics that you think should be covered.

If you sponsor this project in a more significant way, and get attribution as well as your logo prominently displayed, there are three options available. It could be a great opportunity to show your investment in promoting knowledge work and intra-organizational cooperation. Sponsorship opportunities start at $100.

If your organization would like to make a larger contribution, the name of the book can be sponsored, for example: “The ACME Guide to PKM”. This would let me focus full-time on writing the book.

My first Gold Sponsor is Tantramar Interactive Inc.

Help make The PKM Book something to share with the world. 

Become a Sponsor.

  • Gold ($500) Front Page Name & Logo, plus your linked logo on this site for one month and, of course, my extreme gratitude.
  • Silver ($250) Front Page Name & Logo.
  • Bronze ($100) Company Name and Logo in acknowledgements section
  • Basic ($10) Name in acknowledgements section

No longer available.

11 Responses to “PKM: The Book”

  1. Bonnie Zink

    What a great idea, Harold. Of course, I sponsored you right away. Please note that if you need the perspective of one of your students, then I’m ready and willing to help out.

    Thanks and I’m looking forward to this book.

  2. Liz Renshaw

    I’m in too.. Hopefully starting a trend with support from appreciative Australian readers who have always enjoyed your blogs and gained so much from your shared insights…… All the best on this great initiative.

    • Harold Jarche

      Thanks, Liz. So far I’ve had supporters from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Costa Rica, and Spain. I makes me appreciate just how international my networks are. It’s a global village, as McLuhan said.

  3. Brent MacKinnon

    My cheque is in the mail Harold. Your writing and mentoring pushes my learning and practice every day. I look forward to reading your 14 page PKM overview and your upcoming online book.

  4. Leah Good

    Sponsored you as I could! Also, I’d be happy to volunteer my professional copyediting services to your final manuscript. Enjoy the process!

  5. Dennis Callahan

    Hi Harold – happy to contribute. Thanks for all the free content over the years. Looking forward to the guide.

  6. Kathi Edwards

    I’m happy to support this effort, Harold, and contribute back to you as you’ve contributed to my learning journey. What a great idea…I’m looking forward to seeing what a bit of time dedicated to writing this book will generate!

  7. Michelle Dodd

    I’m in too!… What a fantastic model for the future of all learning textbooks/guides/colaborations….invest in what’s relevent to you and your learners or networks…


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