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At last count, there were 565 people subscribed to this blog via email. This service was provided by FeedBurner, a Google company. There used to be a place on the right side of my Home page where you could subscribe. However, Google has stopped development on Feedburner and rumours are that the service will shut down on 20 October 2012, so I have removed that option. As of yesterday, the Feedburner email subscription service was still working. I am not sure how much longer it will be up, given that Feedburner tells me I have zero subscribers.

I have recently added a subscription notice widget powered by WebFish, but it only gives you the link to the new post, not the entire post in the email itself. At this time, this is all I have found that is available. If you would like to continue to receive updates by email, I would suggest subscribing to the new notification system located on the right column of the Home page.

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  1. Joel Sinclair

    Hi Harold, you may want to check out the Subscribe2 plugin. I had the same problem you are running into. It seems like a pretty good alternative at first glance. I just installed it and will be testing it out his week for my blog.

  2. Harold Jarche

    Thanks, Joel, I’ll check it out.

    Joachim, it seems there are many people who prefer email to RSS, so while most people subscribe by RSS, there are still many who ask for email.

    • Harold Jarche

      I am a subscriber and still receiving updates, so Feedburner is working, for now. I downloaded the email addresses a couple of weeks ago, though I would not be crazy about individually assigning them to a new service.

  3. Rebecca Caroe

    Hi Harold

    Here’s a part of the answer to your questions

    1) Feeds are still currently being served by Feedburner, it’s just the counter that is broken

    2) We don’t know whether this zero subscribers issue is temporary or not

    3) The API is being shut down Oct 20th this is not the feed delivery service, just the API.

    4) If accurate stats are important to you, switch to another service like FeedBlitz:

    a. Why:

    b. How:

    c. Results:

    I work for FeedBlitz and we’d be happy to assist you with any support you need to migrate your feed and your email subscribers.


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