PKM Book Alpha Version

Regular readers know that I am working on putting all of my thoughts on personal knowledge management together, as part of my PKM book project. In the spirit of sharing, and learning out loud, I have produced an Alpha version (it’s not advanced enough to even be considered Beta yet). In my last PKM book update I mentioned I was using a WordPress plug-in to organize the writing. It has some bugs, but I am learning work-arounds as I develop each subsequent version, so please bear with the formatting for now.

Any comments or feedback are welcome and please feel free to save, share, or print this version, knowing full well that a new version will come along some day, keeping my thinking in perpetual Beta.

seek_sense_share-pkm_guide (PDF 2.1 MB)

Update: Given the limited funding received, producing a major edition on PKM is not financially viable for me.

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