Top 10 Tools for Learning

Jane Hart is asking for submissions to her annual Top 100 Tools for Learning. Please vote, in the next 10 days, before it closes for another year. I really like the fact that Jane has done this for several years and we can see some interesting trends. Stay tuned for Jane’s analysis this year.

Here are my top 10 choices, with a few changes over the past year:

10: Google Plus: I am still learning how to use this platform which gives you great control over filtering how much information you get. The live Hangouts feature is a killer app, in my opinion.
9: Slideshare: An easy way to share presentations so that people can view them before or instead of downloading them.
8: Flickr: Still a great way to share photos online. I like the feature that automatically creates images in multiple sizes.
7: Gimp: An open source (free) image manipulation tool is very helpful for presentations and papers.
6: BuddyPress: This variant of WordPress powers the Social Learning Centre and has allowed me to deliver my workshops to more people.
5: Keynote: Apple’s presentation application has enabled me to improve my slide presentations, through its simplicity and lack of clip art.
4: Twitter: The micro-blogging platform lets me stay in loose touch with many people.
3: Diigo: Social bookmarks are a quick way for me to save a web page and find it easily (I do an auto backup to Delicious).
2: Google Reader: This feedreader lets me subscribe to many websites and stay current with bloggers and news feeds.
1: WordPress: It powers my blog, which is the core of my self-directed learning and online reflection. It’s easy to use, has a large community, and there are many plug-ins and additions available.

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  1. CB Learning

    These are some great tools for learning and education. Even a simple program like Microsoft Powerpoint can be great for making learning slightly more interesting!


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