Friday's Smorgasbord

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media during the past week [as I prepare for a long flight home, with too many stops on the way].

@RalphMercer – “pilot projects are designed to delay good ideas until they are out of date”

Manuel Castells on the rise of alternative economic cultures – via @jonhusband

“We live in a culture of not virtual reality, but real virtuality because our virtuality – meaning the internet networks – are a fundamental part of our reality.

“All the studies on the internet show that people who are more social on the internet are also more social face-to-face.”

@HansdeZwart – Brewster Kahle on “Universal Access to All Knowledge”

They are convinced that it is feasible to store all the world’s knowledge. Texts are being digitized (i.e. scanned) for representation on the screen (see Open Library for examples) and are openly available. The Internet Archive have made their own scanners pushing the costs per scanned page (mostly labour) down to about 10 cents per page. Their scanning centers now have 3,000,000 free ebooks available online (incl. 500,000 for the blind/dyslexic and 250,000 modern books available for lending) and they have about 8 million more to go. They have made a book mobile that can download and print a book for about one dollar.

@Ignatia – European Environment Agency Keynote [my presentation summarized by Inge de Waard]

Moving from local to global
We live in a less barriered world: self-publication, group forming across the world, unlimited information. In the past we linked up with people with similar interests locally, due to simply physical realities… now we can link up with people from around the world. So from a learning perspective our learning group grows (personal addition: this also means that the group that lives inside the personal zone of proximal development grows, as more people can potentially be in this). Groupforming is now becoming networks. This has an effect on mentorship: per mentor you can only have so many learners, but with the growing group more mentors can stand up and the learners themselves can become mentors.

I saw more bicycles in Copenhagen in 2 days than I see at home in 2 months. They are everywhere. Here are some in front of the central department store, Magasin du Nord.

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