Transparency isn't a choice

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media during the past week.

@skap5 – “Be afraid institutions, be very afraid. Self organized networks are getting better at the purposeful part.

FastCoExist: Watch Alex Bogusky Talk About The Future Of Responsible Companies

Now Bogsuky is working on models for companies to be better citizens, and part of that involves a different take on advertising so that the new information you get about a company isn’t a gimmick, but hard facts about its performance. “Brand is going to change radically from what’s been a fictional story that’s stood between you and the company to real-time, up-to-the-minute truth about your company,” he says. “Can you–through that–convince me to buy?”

As Bogusky says: “Transparency isn’t a choice. The only choice is does it happen to you or do you participate in it.”

Banks are being Disrupted by the Process of the Innovator’s Dilemma – Part 1 – by @robpatrob

What this implies is, that at some point, Money itself will be questioned. For today money is created by bank lending. With a Fractional reserve system, each dollar that a bank lends to you only requires a reserve of 10 cents. The other 90 cents is magic.

What Killed Michael Porter’s Monitor Group? The One Force That Really Matters – by @stevedenning

Monitor wasn’t killed by any of the five forces of competitive rivalry. Ultimately what killed Monitor was the fact that its customers were no longer willing to buy what Monitor was selling. Monitor was crushed by the single dominant force in today’s marketplace: the customer.

@KJatMARS – “My 16 yr old daughter just told me she was the next version of my operating system that comes with all the bugs fixed!

“Great example of the power of self-directed, experiential learning and innovation.” via @CharlesJennings

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