PKM Workshop 2013

There are a few ways to develop skills to be an effective sharer of knowledge in a networked enterprise. You can start, as I did, by researching sense-making and online cooperation in knowledge networks, try out different methods, and then develop your own. My own journey with personal knowledge management began in 2004. You could also get coaching and mentoring from people who have developed good professional network learning skills.

Or you could take a workshop to kick-start your learning. That’s what I have been offering for a few years, and once again, due to several requests, a PKM Workshop (sign up at link) from 28 October to 22 November 2013 is scheduled. It will be online, asynchronous, and self-paced, with just enough structure to help motivated participants learn on their own or cooperate together.

I recently wrote why PKM is important, so if you have never participated in one of these workshops, join the hundreds who have benefited from four weeks of seeking, sense-making, and sharing together. Discounted rates are available to the first 20 participants, so sign up early.

You may also be interested in Jane Hart’s online workshop on collaborative working & learning, beginning on 25 November.


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