organizational transformation through pkm

“Those of us who work in organizational development and change management need to move to the edge, and quickly. You have been warned.” – Helen Bevan

Five Seismic Shifts are changing the world of work:

  1. Disruptive change is becoming the norm
  2. Digital connection is revolutionizing communications
  3. Work complexity is increasing
  4. Hierarchical power is diminishing
  5. Change is coming from the edges of the organization

Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons Group, at the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), spoke at the Quality Forum 2015 in British Columbia, Canada. Helen describes practical ways to guide transformation in the emerging network era:

  • Power today comes from connections, not a position in the hierarchy.
  • We can’t do transformation in our organizations in a discrete way any more.
  • Relationships, not transactions, bind us in our work.
  • We need to curate knowledge from our networks,  to drive organizational improvement.

The guiding sense-making framework for change at the NHS is my Seek > Sense > Share PKM model.

  • The kind of knowledge where the ‘magic’ happens is tacit knowledge.
  • We need to make tacit more explicit in order to share it.
  • The best way to spread tacit knowledge is through social connections, which is 14 times more effective than best practice case studies & tool kits.
  • Every person needs to be a knowledge curator.
  • If the knowledge you share does not have meaning, people will not connect with it emotionally.

Watch Helen describe how they implement the seek > sense > share framework, or view the complete video below.

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