seeking and sense-making

How do you make sense of your work? Many of us subscribe to newspapers, magazines, web feeds, blogs, and other forms of push information. In themselves, these are low sense-making activities and often are difficult to share, due to digital rights management restrictions, or because of the format. I use Feedly to organize my web feeds and Diigo to capture what I find on the web. The key is to subscribe to a diverse assortment of perspectives and opinions.

I read a lot of books and write reviews to share with others. I share some things on LinkedIn but use it mostly to loosely connect with others. Twitter lets me connect with many people but the 140 character limit restricts the depth of conversations. I learn a lot through my client work but do not share most of it, as it is often confidential. I learn much from conversations with my peers around the world, as we can dig deep on issues during one-on-one talks. I also have confidential discussions in closed communities of practice (CoP) using platforms like Slack or Skype. From all of these sources I am able to work out loud on my blog and discern what I can share and when. Over time, my blog connects it all together.

I suggest that all professionals look at their seeking knowledge, sense-making, and sharing practices and see what they can improve. This is the  focus of the PKM in 40 Days online workshop.


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