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Guest Posts

I frequently receive requests for guest blog posts, which I always turn down, for several reasons. My website has my name on it, and I feel personally responsible for everything written here. Any guest post would not reflect my views. Much of my professional reputation is based on my writing, and many of my perspectives… Read more »

The Internet of Everyone

Technology will rapidly change, consolidate, and probably change again. – John Chambers Stop chasing the latest technology wave. It’s much better to make sense of it while also watching for the next wave. These waves of technology will most likely come faster and faster with the Internet of Everything (IoE). Faster feedback loops will be… Read more »

Update from Down Under

I’m sitting in the Toronto airport, waiting for the last leg of my journey home from Australia. I presented and ran workshops at AITD and talked at the Amplify Festival, in addition to taking a few days off and enjoying Sydney. Here are some updates from this week.

Make Work More Human

2013: The Incredibly Shrinking American Middle Class – Bill Moyers 2013: Five Myths about Canada’s Middle Class – Globe & Mail 2013: RIP: The Middle Class – Salon 2013: The Next Middle Class – Harold Jarche 2014: The Middle Class is Steadily Eroding – New York Times The titles above indicate a shift in the… Read more »

2497 and counting

Do you think you will still be working, in some capacity, in 10 years? What will you have learned during that decade? Will you remember much of it? Will you have access to reminders and artifacts that could jog your memory? Perhaps you need an outboard brain. Yesterday marked 10 years of blogging here at… Read more »

Renaissance Sackville

Like most professionals, I have many facets to my life in addition to my business. For the most part I do not discuss these here on my blog. However, I mentioned my community work recently to Christian Renard, and he suggested that I write about it. I have had the privilege of serving as Chairman… Read more »

From the observed to the observers

The other day, in our Change Agents Worldwide community forum, Susan Scrupski mentioned that she was taking an online course. It floors me that the learned teachings of academia have come to the same conclusions on some of these matters involving networks of people that we have by actually doing it (vs. studying it).  The… Read more »