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Only people can let knowledge flow

The knowledge sharing paradox is that while sharing our knowledge is good for the organization, each individual has to see a personal benefit as well. The more the enterprise directs knowledge-sharing, the less likely it will happen. Conversely, the less structured the process, the more difficult it is for the organization to benefit. Damned if… Read more »

The social imperative

Dr. Robert Sapolski has been studying baboons for thirty years. It seems that many researchers took for granted the hierarchical nature of baboon life, with dominant males attacking those next down the social ladder and then the process repeating itself down to infants and females. Research also showed that the baboons on top were less… Read more »

All things to all people

It was reported that only 2% of social sharing happens on Google Plus (G+). I too, do not share much on G+. I recently posted on G+ that it did not fit in with my professional use of social media, even though discussions are often fun, interesting, and informative. That G+ post I made now… Read more »

Building institutional memory, one story at a time

Institutional memory, which I wrote about recently, is a mixture of explicit and implicit knowledge sharing. It can be as explicit as Harvard Business School’s Institutional Memory site, or as implicit as the feeling one gets from a well-known local legend. A lot depends on what the organization wants to preserve. Is it how-to knowledge,… Read more »

Our words

A strange thing I’ve noted in the past few years of social media proliferation is that blogs seem to be becoming fewer but more powerful. One indicator is that for the first time, I am being paid to blog (not this post). Original thoughts are getting harder to find, as everyone is Liking, Pinning &… Read more »

London Summer Picnic

For the past 18 months, Jane Hart has been hosting the Social Learning Centre, offering a wide variety of resources, coaching, and workshops. I have run several workshops as well, some alone, and others jointly with Jane. We have learned much in supporting social learning with hundreds of participants from around the globe. Last year,… Read more »

This is my work

The ability to learn is the only lasting competitive advantage for any organization. Hyper-connected work environments require people with better sense-making, collaboration, and cooperation skills. Social learning plays a significant role in this. Democratic workplaces that foster trust can share knowledge better and faster. To this end, I am a keen subversive of many of… Read more »

The Nature of the Future – Review

What will the future look like? Here are some glimpses. Genomera: Crowdsourcing clinical trials. BioCurious: Hackerspace for biotech. Lending Club: “We replace the high cost and complexity of bank lending.” ScholarMatch: Connect under-resourced students with resources, schools, and donors to make college possible. Foresight Engine: How would you reinvent the process of medical discovery? Open… Read more »

The Connected Workplace

Today’s digitally connected workplace demands a completely new set of skills. Our increasing interconnectedness is illuminating the complexity of our work environments. More connections create more possibilities, as well as more potential problems. On the negative side, we are seeing that simple work keeps getting automated, like automatic bank machines. Complicated work, for which standardized… Read more »