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Adapting to a networked world

Simon Bostock referred me to this speech that Ben Hammersly gave to the UK’s Information Assurance Advisory Council. The main theme is how the ruling generation (Baby Boomers) are failing to understand how the Internet has changed EVERYTHING. You’re all the same age, and upbringing, as the people that the digital generations are so upset… Read more »

The democratization of the enterprise

My About section used to include this paragraph, written a while back and still reflective of my professional perspective: A guiding goal in much of my work is the democratization of the enterprise. Democracy is our best structure for political governance and I believe it should be the basis of our workplaces as well. As… Read more »

Natural entrepreneurship

When you come to a fork in the road, take it. – Yogi Berra As I look at what I’ve learned about business, information technology and learning over the past decade I see two major influences, perhaps not mutually exclusive, that will change how we work and learn. One is the pending major shift in… Read more »