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Friday’s Finds for Enlightened Animal Trainers

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media this past fortnight. @SeriousPony: “Again, while enlightened animal trainers are recognizing the danger of a purely behavioral / Skinner approach, VC’s [venture capitalists] are funding it for humans.” Gamification addresses the symptoms of a broken system, but does nothing to fix… Read more »

Friday’s Finds Down Under with me Mates

Fridays Finds this week have been curated by the PKM workshop in Sydney, NSW. (Marion Louvel,  @chemenesinson, @michelleockers, @soozietwits, Siobhan Sutherland Rogers, Julia, Elizabeth Robinson)

Friday’s Finds 217

Here are some of the insights and observations that were shared through social media this past fortnight. “If there is immortality we achieve it by leaving a bleeding hole in people’s hearts” – @euan

Good Friday Finds

Which Comes First: Engaged Employees or Customer Success? via @OscarBerg You want to have tools to help employees get work done. Those tools are no longer the HR systems of performance management and compensation. — those don’t help to get your work done. What we’re seeing is heavy adoption of work management tools, task management,… Read more »

Points and counterpoints

@AndrewJacobsLD – “Phrase of the day: Klout is nothing more than a data selfie.” @jbordeaux : “In complexity, the ‘edge’ is also referred to as the ‘onset of chaos’. May explain resistance [to change].”

Management is for suckers

@nilofer: “In the industrial era, what created scale was more resources. In the social era, what creates scale is trust.” “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” – John Maynard Keynes – via @flowchainsensei

The world of AD 2014 will have few routine jobs

@KateCrawford – “Consent is meaningless without comprehension, and comprehension is impossible without visibility.” “I’ve learned that as soon as you introduce controls on human behaviour, you lose the game.” -John Seddon – via @hemppah

Knowing what we know

Friday’s Finds: @CelineSchill – “We’ve hired & promoted generations of managers with robust analytical skills & poor social skills, and we don’t seem to think that matters.” @flowchainsensei – “At all levels “leaders” have no answers for our problems. We have to find our own solutions, together.” @DocOnDev – “People cannot both follow orders without… Read more »

Culture is our nature

Friday’s Finds: WSJ: Drop the nature vs nurture debate But new research has led biologists to a different view. We didn’t adapt to a particular Stone Age environment. We adapted to a newly unpredictable and variable world. And we did it by developing new abilities for cultural transmission and change. Each generation could learn new… Read more »

Networked monkeys

@flowchainsensei – “Even when companies don’t pay peanuts, seems like they still mostly want monkeys. If I’m gonna be a monkey, at least it’ll be a Chaos Monkey.” @hreingold – “In 5th grade, I tried to drop out. My teacher regarded me as a problem and I hated school. My parents moved me to a… Read more »