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Amateurs, ideas and learning

Here are some of the things I learned on Twitter this past week. @nickcharney : “In a field that changes rapidly, there are no experts, only degrees of amateurs.” [Which will make it even more difficult to formalize instruction] The learning opportunity imbalance by Gary Wise Jane Hart: The State of Learning in the Workplace… Read more »

“collaboration is extremely important”

Some of the things I learned on Twitter this past week. Always worth repeating: “Management is an overhead” by @EskoKilpi The Internet is an extinction-level event for the traditional firm If the (transaction) costs of exchanging value in the society at large go down drastically, the form and logic of economic and organizational entities also… Read more »

Learning at the edge of chaos

Some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. Breakthroughs Happen At The Edge of Chaos via @VenessaMiemis [which links to an image showing that between stability & chaos is where we find creativity and the closer we are to chaos, the more potential there is for breakthroughs] To which I responded, “For… Read more »

Networks and Emergence

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. Some thoughts: As we learn in digital networks, stock (content) gets smaller, while flow (conversation) gets longer – the challenge becomes how to continously weave the many bits of information and knowledge that pass by us each day. The challenge for educators… Read more »

“What happens in interaction between the parts is more important than the parts”

Here are some of the things I learned via twitter this past week: Think Tweets are simple, 140 character messages? Think again via @TammyGreen [interesting annotated map] With annotations, Twitter could become a platform for sharing anything, not just 140 characters of text. What will developers do with that data? We can only imagine. Perhaps… Read more »

Complexity and Collaboration

Some of the things I learned on Twitter this past week: @jonathanfields: “The day you say “that SOB stole my idea” is the day you need to face your own inability to execute.” via @moehlert @barbarosa1: “There are an increasing number of world problems that can’t be solved by hierarchy. Collaboration is the only chance… Read more »

On learning and responsibility

Some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week: Absorbing uncertainty: “much HR practice seems focused on abrogation rather than assumption of responsibility” by @snowded @tonykarrer social learning tools should have 1) obvious value & 2) be the same tools as your work tools [because work is learning & learning is the work]… Read more »

Beta, data and more

Here’s what I learned on Twitter this past week: @literacyadviser “The only truly effective web filter is an educated mind.” via @ jonhusband @dweinberger “The only way I know to solve big problems anymore is to do it in public.” — “Training for future use of a skill is pretty much pointless.” by @JaneBozarth —… Read more »

Organizing for an uncertain future

Some interesting things I found on Twitter this past week, on the themes of organizing and uncertainty: via @SebPaquet – Neat infographic: Major Shifts in History: The Emergence of Techno-Economic Paradigms by the fantastic @robpatrob Organisational Effectiveness via @sig [is this what your HR department is focused on?] It’s all about organisational effectiveness. How fast,… Read more »

Control design, not people

Interesting things I learned on twitter this past week: American Bar Association article on Personal Knowledge Management. by @KMHobbi Lawyers are knowledge workers who must cope with an ever-increasing volume of information flowing within and outside of their workplaces. In this ever-more connected world, sifting through irrelevancies to find what you need can take a… Read more »