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Friday’s Finds #19

Weekly summary of interesting items I’ve found on Twitter: Half an Hour: An Operating System for the Mind (a must read) “facts learned by rote & at a younger age bypass a person’s critical & reflective capacities” The BioTeaming Manifesto via @jonhusband some similarities with wirearchy Killing off Mickey Mouse: Open Knowledge, Open Innovation via… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #18

A weekly compilation of  the interesting things I’ve found on Twitter: via @1ernesto1 “Dear teachers, we trust you with the children but not the Internet. Yours truly, THE ADMINISTRATION.” @RalphMercer: “Gen Y is just a tag that describes how much adults have forgotten on what it is like to be a teen … and the… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #17

From the Twitter stream this past week: How to Work Learning In: What was supposed to happen? What actually happened? How do we account for the difference? @jaycross Management by Community: get rid of bosses and improve organizational management. The People’s Century: for those interested in management theory, Taylor and such. Read these eyewitness interviews…. Read more »

Friday’s Finds #16

I learned a lot on Twitter this past week: Resilience focuses less on preventing failure than on enabling rapid recovery following failure. Cognitive Edge The corporate war for talent will become the war to attract the influential & trustworthy. Trends in the Living Networks Why Scrapped The Fees And Made Transcripts Free. via @folkstone… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #15

Once again, from the Twitter files this past week: Work: “And what I found out is that talent is much overrated. It is motivation and help that makes the difference. They [HR] talk about ´talent´ as if it is a thing that actually exists, apart from effort, motivation and experience.” @MireilleJansma Dan Pink at TED:… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #14

From the twitter files this past week: Many US films don’t even bother to register in Canada and they complain about copyright infringement? via @michaelgeist The Search Engine Optimization scam via @jonhusband The corporation is so clueless … that sometimes [change] really does depend on a single individual Our collective challenge: how to empower workers… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #13

This week I made the leap back to, so who knows how many more Friday’s finds on Twitter I’ll be posting. From the past week: An open letter from an actual Starbucks front-line employee (good read for all leaders) via @AmandaFenton When it comes to social media, military is anything but uniform – Hint… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #12

This week saw Twitter crash due to a distributed denial of service attack that also affected Facebook to some extent, but now (via @MiNutrition) you can find out if twitter is down at any given time. In spite of the outage, there were still several finds: Working longer has become No. 1 retirement-planning strategy for… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #11

Once again, from the Twitter files this past week: Research debunking claim of digital natives vs immigrants  via @JoanVinallCox @rdelorenzo @rmazar BitTorrent counters fear, uncertainty and doubt from Canadian Internet Service Providers Michael Geist via @skap5 “Learning happens when a child is interested. Otherwise, it’s like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating.”… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #10

From my Twitter files this week: via @cammybean: The Agile Elearning Design Manual via @CarlosDiaz Reduce your cost with business 2.0 Blue Kiwi video via @bduperrin You can’t govern what you don’t understand via @Dave_Ferguson Meet Jessica (good demo for people new to social tools) Slideshare via @rossdawson Where do you want to play? Where… Read more »