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Friday’s Finds #14

From the twitter files this past week: Many US films don’t even bother to register in Canada and they complain about copyright infringement? via @michaelgeist The Search Engine Optimization scam via @jonhusband The corporation is so clueless … that sometimes [change] really does depend on a single individual Our collective challenge: how to empower workers… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #13

This week I made the leap back to, so who knows how many more Friday’s finds on Twitter I’ll be posting. From the past week: An open letter from an actual Starbucks front-line employee (good read for all leaders) via @AmandaFenton When it comes to social media, military is anything but uniform – Hint… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #12

This week saw Twitter crash due to a distributed denial of service attack that also affected Facebook to some extent, but now (via @MiNutrition) you can find out if twitter is down at any given time. In spite of the outage, there were still several finds: Working longer has become No. 1 retirement-planning strategy for… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #11

Once again, from the Twitter files this past week: Research debunking claim of digital natives vs immigrants  via @JoanVinallCox @rdelorenzo @rmazar BitTorrent counters fear, uncertainty and doubt from Canadian Internet Service Providers Michael Geist via @skap5 “Learning happens when a child is interested. Otherwise, it’s like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating.”… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #10

From my Twitter files this week: via @cammybean: The Agile Elearning Design Manual via @CarlosDiaz Reduce your cost with business 2.0 Blue Kiwi video via @bduperrin You can’t govern what you don’t understand via @Dave_Ferguson Meet Jessica (good demo for people new to social tools) Slideshare via @rossdawson Where do you want to play? Where… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #9

Once again, not much blogging but a bit more activity on Twitter. It seems I can blast off 140 characters a lot easier than a complete blog post. via @robpatrob Rob asks 10 questions for all of those who feel ok with the current food system Agriculture – Our Delusion – My Questions Please help… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #8

It was a very busy week that left me little time to blog but I still found some gems on Twitter: via valdiskrebs Nice short article by one of the “key players” in social network analysis — knowledge creation & network structure. via jmcgee – Mike_Wesely #QUOTE: “Where you find quality, you will find a… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #7

From the Twitter files this past week: via @c4lpt – 10 Strategies for Integrating Learning and Work (part 3) via @1ernesto1 – Cheater or Collaborator? via @johnsgunn – Canadians have no legitimate expectation of privacy when they use the Internet via @kdwashburn –  Florida school boosts achievement by jettisoning textbooks ROI: Productivity in a Networked… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #6

It seems that Twitter has been the only subject discussed here this week, so I promise to broaden the subject matter next week. Here’s my synthesis of some of what I learned on Twitter: Business A Good Way to Change a Corporate Culture via @johnt John Hegel’s Shift Happens Redux via @jalam1001 “Just heard of… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #5

From the Twitter files: The big news this week was the Iranian election and almost all of the news was via social media, as the broadcast media were shown to be powerless against the Iranian state, but not the people: “This feels like Tiananmen. They fight for democracy, we watch, they die, we change the… Read more »