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Friday’s Finds #3

From the Twitter files; Some thoughts, ideas & comments that caught my attention this week: Canadians are being set up by music/movie lobby groups & our politicians in a rather cozy relationship it seems … Is there a connection between crappy broadband and minimal use of open source in Canada? via Michael Geist It seems… Read more »

Friday’s finds #2

I am continuing to learn from Twitter. A real potpourri this past week: The 140 character limitation of Twitter forced me to reduce the essence of this post to: When faced with complexity: 1) organize as networks 2) continuously develop emergent practices 3) collaborate around common goals. Pep rallies and tribalism make little sense in… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #1

In an attempt to make my finds on Twitter more explicit, this may be the start of regular posts on some of the things I learned this past week (weekly seems better than monthly). Numbers & Measurement From Charles Green at The Trusted Advisor: If you can measure it, you can manage it; if you… Read more »