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Friday’s Finds #30

What I learned this past week on Twitter: Dale Arseneault: 8 things you need to know about collaboration. [I like #3 – Collaboration is a human process – throwing technology at people won’t magically/automatically create collaboration] “I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) — OPEN (episode 3).” via @euan [I followed the… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #29

Weekly review of items of interest found on Twitter: “As of today I will try to no longer use the word “copyright” but instead call it what it is, ‘Use Monopoly‘” @sleslie Thinking clearly sometimes requires unbraiding our language. The word “copyright” may eventually seem as dubious in its embedded purposes as “family values,” “globalization,”… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #28

What I found of interest on Twitter this past week: There is no point collecting common knowledge if it isn’t shared. There is no point sharing knowledge if it isn’t used. Jack Vinson When you make the complicated simple you make it better. When you make the complex simple you make it wrong. Dave Gray… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #27

As part of my – sense-making, moving from tacit to explicit, sharing with others – PKM system, here’s what caught my attention via Twitter during the past week. This week, I’m going to focus more on what others found interesting, as there was a lot of traffic as a result of the LearnTrends conference. LearnTrends… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #26

What I learned on Twitter this past week: Work The Taylorist Stranglehold on buildings, management & IT via @drmcewan “Hierarchies aren’t evil, networks aren’t chaotic. Both are incarnations of the same structures in the semi-ordered domain that is human life” @tonzylstra via @skap5 – 17.5% unemployed or underemployed. Not just the bottom of a cycle…. Read more »

Friday’s Finds #25

Here’s what grabbed my attention on Twitter this past week. Networked Life means less command & control; but more self-control Euan Semple via @jclarey Confessions of a Learning Consultant: I have designed and delivered programs with no more than minimal impact on my client’s business. via @moehlert “Students who spend 8 yrs in grad school… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #24

Here’s what caught my attention on Twitter this past week and some stuff left over from the week before: Quote of the Week: Ingmar Bergman likened aging to hiking up a mountain, “The longer one walks the more winded one becomes, but the view!” via @marciamarcia Food Sustainable Food Lab: accelerate the shift of sustainable… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #23

Peter Senge on Organizational Learning I was offline for much of the week but I did manage to live-tweet Peter Senge’s presentation at the CSTD conference. Instead of my standard mix of Friday’s Finds, here is a special summation of a fascinating presentation. With no notes, no PowerPoint and one transparency on an overhead projector,… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #22

This week’s finds on Twitter are all dedicated to education: Testing: Mark Federman: standardized curriculum and testing contribute to the deterioration of public education. How grades replaced the teacher’s name: William Farish: The Worlds Most Famous Lazy Teacher. via @nwinton [the story by the student at the end of this article is worth a read]… Read more »

Friday’s Finds #21

Some things I learned on Twitter this past week. Several articles and posts on Knowledge Management KM: Safe-fail probes & diffusion of innovations | how to support emergent work practices via @mathemagenic @rickladd “I recently finished a 2 year Masters program in Knowledge Management & I’m certain I could have learned far more on my… Read more »