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Gracian on Learning

I dusted off the cover of a book I bought many years ago, and found some words of wisdom. The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658) to be exact. I found several that relate to informal learning in organisations. Advice is sometimes transmitted more successfully through a joke than through grave teaching. The… Read more »

Informal economy; informal learning

I’ve read most of the Toffler’s books over the years, including Future Shock, The Third Wave and Powershift; and have yet to read Revolutionary Wealth. I agree with Lawrence Fisher (S+B) that the value in their work is not crystal ball gazing but making sense of various patterns: In retrospect, Mr. Toffler was less a… Read more »

Cappuccino U

I love those serendipitous moments on the Web. I happened across Helge Scherlund’s blog via Technorati and noticed a post recommending the e-book, Cappuccino U, available from Spotted Cow Press. This short, CC-licensed book is by Jerome Martin, of Edmonton, Alberta and it is a pleasant flow of a read that discusses formal education, personal… Read more »

Training – the 8% Solution

Does your organisation live in complicated or a complex world? When you are developing training, are you addressing complicated or complex issues? Via Rob Paterson, and the book More Space, are two important differentiations between complicated & complex systems given by Johnnie Moore, in Simple Ideas, Lightly Held: complicated = not simple, but ultimately knowable… Read more »

The Modern Chautauqua

Of Conferences, Chatauquas and Boundary Objects, at Green Chameleon, discusses the relationships between small independent conferences; large-scale commercial events; academic sessions and then muses: If the KM conference scene really is a complex ecosystem, then the failure of any element of it can have unpredictable, perhaps negative consequences. If the role of the conference really… Read more »

e-Learning Project Management Book

The Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance (CeLEA) has recently released its new e-book Plan to Learn: case studies in e-learning project management. Edited by Beverly Pasian (who is working on her PhD in project management) and Dr. Gary Woodill (who has recently become Senior Researcher at Brandon Hall Research), this volume of 22 case studies from… Read more »

Whither ISD, ADDIE & HPT?

Here is the question of the month from The Learning Circuits Blog: Are ISD / ADDIE / HPT relevant in a world of rapid elearning, faster time-to-performance, and informal learning? First, some definitions: HPT – Human Performance Technology ISD – Instructional Systems Design [or Development] ADDIE – a process incorporating Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation,… Read more »

Elgg Spaces Launches

Elgg Spaces is the new offering from Curverider for hosted informal learning applications. I’ve used Elgg a fair bit and like the amalgamation of blogging, social networking and online portfolio applications on one platform. I also like the ability to control the access levels for each entry, so that Elgg can be used for closed… Read more »

Networked Work Needs Networked Learning

In a recent discussion on informal learning I was asked how it could be integrated into formal work environments. What I have learned so far about informal learning is that it is more of a cultural issue than about process or technology improvements. The key factor is control. To foster informal learning, organisations have to… Read more »

Formal education needs more informal learning

One of the reasons that I’m fascinated with informal learning is that it has not been studied anyway near as much as formal learning (education & training) and my experience with workplace performance has shown how important informal learning is in getting the job done. A ten year study of Japanese education methods by the… Read more »