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Language learning leads the way

A few months ago, I wrote that the dominant education business model may suffer the same fate as the manufacturing industry –  commoditization. At a certain point in time (2008?) the cost-benefits of a university education will be put in question. How expensive does it have to be before the majority opt out or look… Read more »

the community is the curriculum

The title of this post comes from a line in Dave Cormier’s article on Rhizomatic Education published in Innovate: Journal of Online Education [free but registration required, and I’m not sure why they insist on this additional hurdle for access]. Why rhizomatic? A rhizomatic plant has no center and no defined boundary; rather, it is… Read more »

PKM – Personally Managing Your Knowledge

Note: More recent version here. This post marks my first direct link to the newly created Work Literacy site. Learning is an individual activity that often happens with and is supported by others. We may learn on our own but usually not by ourselves. Unless we live on a desert island, we learn socially. In… Read more »

An ecosystem of knowledge

Jon Husband dragged up an older post about blogging, that concludes: Finally, an ecosystem of knowledge can develop that consists of the aggregated sets of links and content the participants in a blogalogue create. And this “body of knowledge” and understanding remains online, available to anyone who cares to become involved. Advocates of blogging know… Read more »

Informal Learning Survey

Jay Cross is conducting a survey on informal learning, so take a little bit of time and give him your input. Here are the basics: Three minutes to complete Anonymous Survey closes in two weeks Participants will receive results

FrenchPod Launches

As New Brunswick continues on its self-destructive path of eliminating early French immersion without a viable alternative, we now have FrenchPod, a [subversive] learning option that bypasses the politicized education system: FrenchPod is a language training service designed around your needs, rather than the traditional constraints of language schools and publishers. Technology solves these problems… Read more »

The science of learning

Teaching may be an art but there is a mountain of science behind human cognition. Unfortunately it is often ignored or misunderstood in educational and training institutions. The local early French immersion debate sparked by our provincial government was a case in point that educational decisions do not seem to require scientific evidence. Donald Clark… Read more »

School Buses – A symptom of a larger problem

CBC News reports that: The P.E.I. government will be taking about a third of its school buses off the road immediately, and pulling the rest on Thursday and Friday after problems were found in some of the vehicles, the province announced … All of the province’s older buses, 104 of the 320 vehicles, were being… Read more »

Walled Gardens

Following up on Boring is Good, I think that the major barrier to use of these systems, whether collaboration or learning-oriented, is the “walled garden” framework. If I have “to go” somewhere, then that’s a barrier to use. E-mail comes to me, so it’s easy. Personally, I prefer using my feed aggregator to follow people… Read more »