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Management is for suckers

@nilofer: “In the industrial era, what created scale was more resources. In the social era, what creates scale is trust.” “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” – John Maynard Keynes – via @flowchainsensei

Management in perpetual Beta

“Our research indicates that, contrary to what one might assume, good analysis in the hands of managers who have good judgment won’t naturally yield good decisions.” – What Matters More in Decisions Is it because they are assuming the problem is complicated … Complicated, in which the relationship between cause and effect requires analysis or… Read more »

Management in Networks

In networks, cooperation is more important than collaboration. Collaboration is working together toward a common objective. This is what most workplaces are focused on. It is also what most managers focus on. Implicit in many workplaces is that if you are not focused on the objective at hand, you are not doing any real work…. Read more »

The future of management is talent development

What is the major difference between the scientific management framework that informed so many of our work practices, and the new management requirements for the connected enterprise in the network age? Frederick Winslow Taylor started with a basic assumption about the difference between labour and management. Labour was stupid and management was intelligent. Now one… Read more »

How to work in the creative economy

Gary Hamel says that we are moving from an Industrial to a Creative Economy, which requires more independent workers with initiative, creativity, and passion. What other changes will this creative economy drive? I see changes on several levels. Core ideas about valued work: from producing tangible goods to intangible services; from looking for best practices… Read more »

Social Business Needs Social Management

Social business has the potential to change the way we work, but for the most part it has not. The social enterprise is not yet here, though many talk about it, and confuse it with using social tools. For that, we can blame management. As many people, from W. Edwards Deming to Gary Hamel have… Read more »

Greater task variety means no more standardized work

The resurrection of American manufacturing will require more than simply bringing back production to America. Global manufacturing is at the cusp of a massive transformation as the new economics of energy and labor plays out and a set of new technologies—robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and nanotechnology—are advancing rapidly. Together these developments will spark a… Read more »

Principles of Networked Unmanagement

Cooperation Collaboration is working together for a common objective, while cooperation is openly sharing, without any quid pro quo. Cooperation is a necessary behaviour to be open to serendipity and to encourage experimentation. In networks, cooperation trumps collaboration. Collaboration happens around some kind of plan or structure, while cooperation presumes the freedom of individuals to join… Read more »

How we will manage

Is Google an indication of the how organizations will manage in the 21st century? Experienced managers who join Google from other companies can find it difficult to operate in a culture where power over subordinates is derived from one’s ideas and powers of persuasion, not job titles, says May. Decisions on promotions and raises are… Read more »