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Working smarter, daily

My blog functions as my outboard brain, a place to get half-baked ideas out in the open and work on them in public. It’s also a repository of thoughts and notes I use in my daily work. I often refer to a blog post instead of writing the same email a dozen times. However, it… Read more »

Network thinking

Curtis Ogden at The Interaction Institute for Social Change provides a very good summary of the differences between network-centric and hierarchy-centric thinking, called Network Thinking: Adaptability instead of control Emergence instead of predictability Resilience and redundancy instead of rock stardom Contributions before credentials Diversity and divergence One major challenge in helping organizations improve collaboration and… Read more »

Everyday experience is not the same as it was

The learning and development field has a lot of good research on how to support workplace performance. Tom Gram has some excellent posts and resources that discuss performance by design. His most recent post, Everyday Experience is Not Enough, summarizes what it takes to support workplace learning. It’s definitely worth reading and following the links… Read more »

Sense-making through conversation

One of our clients referred me to a post by Nick Milton on another great Boston square that pulls “apart the KM world on dimensions of Knowledge Push and Knowledge Pull (which you might call “Sharing” and “seeking”), and the dimensions of Explicit and Tacit. We get 4 quadrants, which we could call Ask, Tell,… Read more »

Bridging the gap: working smarter

Nigel Paine recently produced a very good ten-minute video on The Learning Explosion. Nigel used one of my diagrams in his presentation and this motivated me to explain it in a bit more detail. The slide presentation is designed to be self-explanatory and may help convince management of the need to integrate working and learning. As… Read more »

It’s the network …

I presented on Managing in a Networked World at DevLearn 2011 today in Las Vegas. How do you manage a workforce that is both nomadic and collaborative? In a 24/7 always-on- and-interconnected world, do we need to rethink the industrial-workplace social contract that’s based on hours worked and being on-the-job ? Join Harold Jarche to… Read more »

Connect, exchange, contribute

Highlights from Skills for Learning & Development Professionals (an article I wrote for T&D Magazine in 2008). My experiences over the past three years have shown that these skills are still necessary in the workplace. Attitude: Accepting that we will never know everything, but that others may be able to help, is the first step… Read more »

Networked Learning (PKM) Workshop in Toronto

Note: this workshop has been postponed until – 30 March 2012. In just over a month’s time, I’ll be facilitating another one-day workshop on Networked Learning (PKM) at the University of Toronto’s iSchool Institute on Friday, 18 November 2011. The cost for the day is $250. My consulting work this past year has shown a… Read more »

The new knowledge worker

What are knowledge workers? Are they a new breed or just a variation of the 20th century professional class? Neal Gorenflo, co-founder and publisher of Shareable Magazine, has identified (a very preliminary idea) a certain type of knowledge worker: Knowledge workers understand information as currency. Sharing is a core strategy for success even in a corporate… Read more »