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Selecting OS learning technology platforms

Dave Cormier has written a great article on selecting a content management system (CMS). Dave discusses three platforms, all of which I have used – WordPress, Moodle, Drupal. All are open source and there are a variety of hosting models available for most budgets. Like Dave, I’m not crazy about Moodle because it replicates the… Read more »

Drupal for Education and E-Learning

Bill Fitzgerald has written a comprehensive technical guide for the Drupal open source content management system with a focus on its use in formal education. Drupal for Education and E-Learning, by Packt Publishing, walks you through the setup of a Drupal installation, step by step. This is a how-to book, covering everything from themes to… Read more »

Open source for learning costs less

In my 2009 predictions for eLearn Magazine I said that “There will be an increased interest in open source software as well as tools and methods that enable online collaboration.” Ryan Cameron took me to task on open source in the comments: Open source is not, actually, free. Someone has to build it, someone has… Read more »

Innovation and Learning

In Innovating in the Great Disruption, Scott Anthony suggests three disciplines necessary to foster innovation in difficult economic times – placing a premium on progress; mastering paradox; and learning to love the low end. He also discusses the importance of learning; Innovators will need to continue to find creative, cheap ways to bring their ideas… Read more »

Best open source social networking platform

I’ve been a fan of Elgg, the open source social networking platform, since I first saw it. Not only do I like the technology but also its underlying framework of user-centricty (which also means learner-centric). I came across Elgg while working on a project to support several professional communities of practice working in a health… Read more »

Open Up

Martin Weller mulls over the notion that the Open University or OU should call itself the Open U, with an emphasis on “open”: Open Source Open educational resources Open API Open content Open courses Open participation In an inter-networked society, open is the only way to remain relevant. Most newspapers have realized this by opening… Read more »

Open Source; a better model for all of us

Dave Snowden relates an experience with Wikipedia where the inner circle decides that the actions of a user are not appropriate and he is subsequently banned. I don’t know all of the details here, but my interest is in the underlying model of Wikipedia. There is a major difference between open source and a free… Read more »

Deki Wiki

Another new tool found via Benoit Brosseau is Deki Wiki. This product from MindTouch is open source and seems to have all the right attributes to make it wildly popular: Similar to CMS web frameworks like Drupal, Mambo, Joomla and DotNetNuke, Deki Wiki delivers a remarkably extensible platform, but it’s a wiki in nature; therefore… Read more »

Mahara open source e-portfolio

My friend Benoit Brosseau told me about Mahara, which seems to fill a growing demand for e-portfolios in education. I like their approach: What makes Mahara different from other ePortfolio systems is that you control which items and what information (Artefacts) within your portfolio other users see. In order to facilitate this access control, all… Read more »

Moncton’s open source community is growing

This week I attended the Social Media Meetup in Moncton and had the opportunity to spend some time with guest speaker Jevon Macdonald and several other folks, hosted by Steve in his new business digs. I met Steve Mallett over five years ago when I gave a presentation on open source at the local Cybersocial…. Read more »