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I’ve long been an advocate of open source (the business model and the software), as well as openly accessible educational content and the right to freely share ideas. On the eve of the fifth anniversary of Jarche Consulting, I feel that it’s time once again to put my money (or lack thereof) where my mouth… Read more »

Open Source Social Networking Platform

It seems that some folks have seen a business opportunity in developing an open source social network platform. From Insoshi’s website: Insoshi is a product and a project. The product aims to be the best open-source social networking platform. The project is to make the product! I posted my perspective on such an endeavour about… Read more »

Open Source & Business

I’m preparing a workshop for later this month and one of the topics will be the rise of open source and the business models around it. Here are some interesting sites and comments that I’ve come across lately: Matt Asay: “The benefits of SaaS [software as a service] also point to its greatest flaw: it’s… Read more »

Open Source for the “R” Word

RWW features a story about DimDim, which is an open source web-conferencing platform. I’ve used it and it compares well with the various proprietary systems around. RWW talks about DimDim’s three business propositions: Big company – cut your Webex/GoToMeeting bills by 50% or more Established online venture that needs online meetings to close sales with… Read more »

Pictures for any occasion

The fool says that you can use Wikimedia Commons to find all kinds of pictures or other media that are in the public domain or have fewer copyright restrictions. I subscribe to the picture of the day which is a great source of visual inspiration. Another source of pictures is the Creative Commons Search engine,… Read more »

Costs of open source and proprietary LCMS/LMS

David Bahn at Metropolitan State University of Minnesota asked me last week if I had any information about implementation and maintenance costs of open source versus proprietary learning systems. I referred him to Edutools and Brandon-Hall for comparative information as well as an older study done in French for the Québec government. David then send… Read more »

Knowledge Artisans

I noticed this piece on The App Gap which mentioned “knowledge artisans”, and it reminded me of a business plan I did about three years ago: Next-gen knowledge artisans are amplified versions of their pre-industrial counterparts. Equipped with and augmented by technology, they rely on their human capital and skill to solve complex problems and… Read more »

Low-cost content management

I was recently interviewed by Canadian Technology News and the resulting article, Six Strategies for Content Management, covers several points worth considering. Proprietary software and open source options for enterprise content management (ECM) are both discussed. I’m glad that I’m quoted on what I consider the two most important points: Open source may do the… Read more »

Review: Moodle Teaching Techniques

I had written a review of William Rice’s previous book and noted that it was rather technical. Moodle Teaching Techniques is more pedagogical and gets down to the details of how to develop online courses in Moodle. Moodle adoption is growing and it is probably the most widely-used open source learning content management system in… Read more »

Fair Copyright for Canada

Have you joined yet? From the Facebook group description: In December 2007, it became apparent that the Canadian government was about to introduce new copyright legislation that would have been a complete sell-out to U.S. government and lobbyist demands. The new Canadian legislation was to have mirrored the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act with strong… Read more »