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The e-lance economy?

In 1937, economist Ronald Coase published an article, The Nature of the Firm, in the journal Economica. Within the article, Coase argues that firms exist because there are costs inherent to free markets – such as costs of communication, of sharing information, of trying to find goods and services. Given these costs, Coase suggests that… Read more »

Big Consulting Companies Jumping on Bandwagon 2.0

It looks like social media (wikis, blogs & social networking) are going the way of e-learning and knowledge management (KM). That means big companies charging big fees for cookie-cutter solutions. Jon Husband reports on this phenomenon for 2008 and advises Caveat emptor: Big firms either 1) develop standardized methodologies and practices (their business models depend… Read more »

Own Your Data

The impending closure of the Eduspaces service has many people wondering what to do and several options are cropping up in the online discussions. For those not in the know, Eduspaces is/was a free, social networking and blogging service built on the Elgg open source platform. It used to be called but was changed… Read more »

Open Source Social Networking Application

I recently joined Xing, a business social networking site. In one of the forums I came across an open source social networking system (SNS). Dolphin is Creative Commons licensed, not the more typical GPL for open source, with the following restrictions: Dolphin is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This… Read more »

Taking action for fair copyright in Canada

Following up from Copy Leftovers, here are some resources focused especially on the Canadian perspective. We should all be concerned and get informed before the Canadian DMCA is allowed to pass. First off, you can join the Facebook group, Fair Copyright for Canada, which already has over 10,000 members. I have also been saving articles… Read more »

Copy leftovers

Rather than including consumer concerns such as flexible fair dealing, time shifting, format shifting, parody, and the future of the private copying levy within the forthcoming bill, Prentice [Canada’s Industry Minister] will instead strike a Copyright Review Panel to consider future copyright reforms. Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the… Read more »

More FUD?

The mass media are spreading a variety of stories about the Internet’s inability to carry traffic in as little as two years. I’m not an investigative journalist but I wonder if this is a concerted FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaign to put pressure on governments and regulators to allow the telecommunications oligopoly to more freely… Read more »

Three stories and an argument

I’ve supported Creative Commons (and use a CC license for this site) for several years and see it as a leader as we move to a digital economy. Larry Lessig’s presentations are usually quite informative, but it’s obvious that he put a lot of effort into his TED Talk this year. As Larry says, this… Read more »

Creative Business in the Digital Era

The Open Rights Group (UK) has created a wiki to collaboratively design a course on building businesses that are more open with their intellectual property: Right now, this week, we need your ideas. What open-IP business models have you come across? And who is experimenting with opening up their IP? We’re thinking of examples like… Read more »

Local Industry and Researchers Gather

Last night was the monthly gathering of the Moncton area knowledge and IT industry, hosted by Mount Allison University’s research services. I really enjoyed Bruce Robertson’s presentation on his work with the semantic web, and more specifically the Historical Event Markup and Linking Project. It’s great to know a professor of Classics who also runs… Read more »