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Validation and feedback

Here is a new approach to evaluation, by Nick Shackleton-Jones: After the event, however, the system automatically prompts the chosen peer group to reassess those same behaviours at intervals of say one, three and six months. At the end of this period a ‘change score’ is calculated: an average value representing the amount of observed… Read more »

The collaboration field needs to cooperate

Eugene Kim looks at a variety of disciplines in the collaboration space, using LinkedIn network analysis to see if and how they are related. The resulting map, and Kim’s explanations are most interesting for anyone doing work related to enterprise collaboration. According to Kim: The densest cluster is the organizational development cluster, which is left… Read more »

Social business drives workforce development

In a workscape perspective I described how new frameworks help management, HR and L&D professionals get away from the trees to see the forest of workforce development. Earlier, in Bridging the Gap; Working Smarter, I explained how loose external networks are necessary to have access to diverse opinions, while work teams need to share complex knowledge… Read more »

Connect, exchange, contribute

Highlights from Skills for Learning & Development Professionals (an article I wrote for T&D Magazine in 2008). My experiences over the past three years have shown that these skills are still necessary in the workplace. Attitude: Accepting that we will never know everything, but that others may be able to help, is the first step… Read more »


The above diagram, by Nick Milton, shows some important aspects of what influences performance [hint: blue]. First, knowledge is the result of information (e.g. learning content) AND experience. Knowledge is directly influenced by one’s own experience. Therefore there is no such thing as “knowledge transfer“. Second, performance is taking action on knowledge. This is what… Read more »

New Hire Practices

I know that there are no “best practices” in new hire development, also known as onboarding, as each organization is unique and often rather complex. However, there are some practices that could make onboarding better in certain contexts. I’ve looked at several examples and am very interested in unique practices (outliers) beyond the corporate norm…. Read more »

Mapping quality with VNA

Our NetWorkShop on Saturday was a great success and I think everyone left with a better understanding of networks, as well as some ideas for future pursuit. One main message that came through early in the workshop is that you cannot manage a network. That’s probably the biggest barrier to Net Work in most organizations…. Read more »