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the core competency for network era work

I developed the personal knowledge mastery (PKM) framework of Seek > Sense > Share from a need to stay current as a working professional. As a framework it is not a defined set of practices nor a recipe book, as there are many unique PKM routines. Since first writing about PKM in 2004, I have… Read more »

the execution of education

“it pisses me off that business schools virtually ignore sales, while fawning over marketing” – Tom Peters Marketing is relatively easy to teach. Doing sales takes time, practice, and feedback. It’s fairly obvious why universities prefer to teach marketing. I don’t know of any programs where students do real sales calls. I guess that’s for… Read more »

thinking critically

Critical thinking – the questioning of underlying assumptions, including our own – is becoming all-important as we have to make our way in the network era. Critical thinking can be looked at as four main activities: Observing and studying our fields Participating in professional communities Building tentative opinions Challenging and evaluating ideas

co-creating knowledge

The are many ways we can add value to information and knowledge. I have described 14 ways of sense-making as part of personal knowledge mastery. One of these is the use of infographics, such as one on PKM published here. Recently, Tanmay Vora created a visual description of learning and leadership, based on an article… Read more »

learning and the future of work

The following extract is the concluding section of finding perpetual beta. The last personal knowledge mastery in 40 days online workshop for 2015 started this week “Work is learning, learning work” — that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. Our increasing interconnectedness is illuminating the complexity of our work… Read more »