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All models are flawed but some are useful

Silvia Andreoli has added to my last post on PKM and created this graphic to show the individual as well as the social aspects of personal knowledge management. I like its simplicity and the way it shows the flows. My only minor issue is that I would replace “knowledge” with “personalized information”. Knowledge is an… Read more »

Critical thinking in the organization

Even the mainstream training field is realizing that reduced layers of bureaucracy mean decision-making gets pushed down the organization chart. This is the message of the AMA in the promotional video – Critical Thinking: Not just a C-suite skill.  However, wirearchy takes this one important step further by advocating a two-way flow of power and… Read more »

PKM in a nutshell

Personal Knowledge Management: A way to deal with ever-increasing digital information. Requires an open attitude to learning and finding new things (I Seek). Develops processes of filing, classifying and annotating for later retrieval. Uses open systems that enable sharing. Aids in observing, thinking and using information & knowledge (I Sense). Helps to share ideas with… Read more »

personal knowledge management & wisdom

PKM consists of practical methods for making sense of the increasing digital information flows around us. There is no procedural method to go from data to wisdom. On this Stephen Downes and I agree, though he thinks I adhere to the DIKW model. That said, while this is a much better model than this, I… Read more »


The term personal knowledge management (PKM) isn’t about management in a business sense but rather how we can manage to make sense of information and experience in our electronic surround. Personal – according to one’s abilities, interests & motivation (not directed by external forces). Knowledge – connecting information to experience (know what, know who, know… Read more »

PKM: a node in the learning network

Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy, or, in other words, digital networks enable multiple connections, so organizational communications are no longer just vertical. Somebody else, outside the hierarchy, is only one click away, and perhaps easier to deal with and a better source of information and knowledge. This is becoming obvious in the business world and frameworks such… Read more »

Sensing and Thinking

Tim Kastelle (a great source of knowledge on innovation) discusses how it’s better to have a good idea than a large network to fire off any old idea. Good ideas have better acceleration. This is an important innovation lesson as well. We don’t need more ideas, we need better ideas. In many ways this is… Read more »

Seek Sense Share

Note: my blog is where I hammer out ideas, so you may be finding some of these posts a bit repetitive. Sorry about that 😉 My working definition of personal knowledge management: PKM: a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world, work more effectively and contribute to… Read more »

Talking about PKM runs a regular TweetChat on knowledge management (KM) issues and today’s was on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), with the following agenda: What effective means have we found to aggregate, filter and share information? Is personal KM a good foundation for corporate KM, or are they competing efforts? What are the corporate benefits of individual… Read more »

Aggregate Understand Connect

I’ve changed one word, but doesn’t it make more sense like this? As I talk about PKM here or with this graphic and discussion, “understand” is more descriptive of the human sense-making activities than “filter” is. Perhaps I should go back and change these posts to reflect what we are actually doing – understanding as… Read more »