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Are we awake?

Social business offers businesses a major opportunity for redefining the nature of work and the structure of companies, freeing knowledge workers from organizational-only pressure and defining a new social contract between customers, workers, firms and their ecosystem. On a dark side, it also gives companies novel ways to enforce business-as-usual and to further exploit the… Read more »

Finding the time for networked learning

A survey of small and medium sized businesses (SMB) showed workers spend about half their day on unproductive tasks: Knowledge Workers are among the largest staff component in a typical SMB SMB Knowledge Workers spend an estimated 36 percent of their time trying to Contact customers, partners or colleagues Find information Schedule a meeting Approximately… Read more »

NetWorkShop Sackville

“I’ve become convinced that understanding how networks work is an essential 21st century literacy.” ~ Howard Rheingold Patti Anklam, author of Net Work, will be conducting a workshop at Mount Allison University on Saturday, 19 March (9 AM to 4PM). Sponsored by the university’s Office of Research Services, this workshop is focused on bringing together faculty,… Read more »

Socialcast and social learning

We’ve been using Socialcast for a while now and for large organizations that have multiple silos of information in repositories like Sharepoint, it’s a pretty good platform. Socialcast enables streams and micro-sharing and keeps multiple work teams in touch with each other without being burdened with too many rules. The learning curve is not difficult… Read more »

2020 Workplace

In The 2020 Workplace, Jeanne Meister & Karie Willyerd make 20 predictions at the end of the book. William Gibson said, “the future is already here –  it’s just not very evenly distributed.” Here are my thoughts on where we are with some of these predictions: Your mobile device will become your office, your classroom,… Read more »

Leadership for Networks

It takes different leadership to increase collaboration and support social learning in the workplace. Leadership is the key, not technology. Most of our leadership practices come from a command and control military legacy that have been adopted by the business world for the past century. But hierarchies don’t help us manage in networks, whether they… Read more »

Working smarter through social learning

This past week I had the opportunity to discuss social learning in the workplace with many people. Explaining a concept helps to understand it. It’s part of my active sense-making as a networked learner. I’ve mentioned before how Ross Dawson’s five ways to add value to information have influenced my networked learning framework: Filtering (separating signal from… Read more »

CCLD KSEN Workshop follow-up

We discussed social learning in the enterprise today with an interesting case study on social learning (without technology) by PwC. At the end of the day everyone was asked what pressing issue they would like to discuss for tomorrow. The questions were grouped into five areas, and I’ve added some resources for each: PKM Article… Read more »

Mass, decentralized and social

How did the word get out for Tunisians to initiate large-scale protests? Social networks; though not necessarily all technology-mediated. The same happened in Egypt. If social media were not a threat, it is unlikely the government would have shut down almost all web access. Jeremy Littau says the Egyptian uprising “movement is mass, decentralized, and… Read more »