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The work literacy gap

Yes, there is a work literacy gap. My experience shows that in North America, where I have done most of my work, a significant portion of the workforce has not been able to develop the skills to learn for themselves. This does not mean that they lack basic learning skills. What they lack are tools,… Read more »

A dysfunctional workplace

Jay is presenting findings from his Learning Practices Survey in Australia this week and has made the data available at the Internet Time Community. The survey had 237 respondents from various sized organisations and from several continents. My impressions are that about one-third to one-half of respondents feel that things are not good in today’s… Read more »

Wanted: New organisational models

More of us are working in a networked economy, driven by the enormous, ubiquitous Internet. Working in a network appears to be most effective for chaotic and complex environments, where the Cynefin model prescribes: Complex, in which the relationship between cause and effect can only be perceived in retrospect, but not in advance, the approach… Read more »

Five Years

I started this venture called Jarche Consulting five years ago today. I still feel the way I did two years ago: Blogging has helped me connect to others who are passionate about learning, technology and new ways of work. I feel like I’m living the life of the knowledge worker that was described several years… Read more »

Who’s your city, Canada?

In Who’s Your City, Richard Florida focused on the US. Now we Canadians have an opportunity to tell our story. From The Creative Class Exchange: Now, I’d like to ask for your stories about Canadian cities Tell me about the place you live. Why did you pick your city or region? How did you go… Read more »

Thanks to my fellow freelancers

Over the past five years I’ve had the opportunity to work with, or at least try to find work, with other independent business people. In most cases we’ve worked without any contract, non-disclosure agreement or other formality. We’ve just trusted each other and it’s worked out. I’d like to thank my fellow free agents for… Read more »

Time Out

Time is used to measure a lot of things in my professional world. Many people bill by the hour or the day. I have a daily consulting rate but I prefer a fixed fee linked to deliverables. In the e-learning field there is always talk about an “hour of courseware”, though no one has ever… Read more »

An ecosystem of knowledge

Jon Husband dragged up an older post about blogging, that concludes: Finally, an ecosystem of knowledge can develop that consists of the aggregated sets of links and content the participants in a blogalogue create. And this “body of knowledge” and understanding remains online, available to anyone who cares to become involved. Advocates of blogging know… Read more »

Your valued opinion on work and life in the 21st Century

One of my favourite blogs is Nine Shift and the book of the same title is still worth reading, even after being in publication since 2003. Bill & Julie have recently been asking several questions that warrant comments, so I’m linking to them here: What you are doing in response to expensive gas. If you… Read more »