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Going Solo

I would have loved to attend the Going Solo conference in Switzerland last week, but alas I had neither the time nor the budget to fly across the Atlantic. I’m starting to see more interest in the option of freelancing and I think that some of this has to do with demographics (aging boomers looking… Read more »

A Partnership Economy

Jon Husband, whom I finally had the chance to meet in person this week, sent me a link to a 1999 article by management guru Peter Drucker. Jon tells me that this article helped spark his concept of wirearchy. In Beyond the Information Revolution, Drucker explains the similarities between the printing; industrial and information revolutions…. Read more »

School Buses – A symptom of a larger problem

CBC News reports that: The P.E.I. government will be taking about a third of its school buses off the road immediately, and pulling the rest on Thursday and Friday after problems were found in some of the vehicles, the province announced … All of the province’s older buses, 104 of the 320 vehicles, were being… Read more »

Marketing Yourself as a Free-agent on the Internet

This is a follow-up post from my presentation on Marketing Yourself as a Free-agent on the Internet which I gave this afternoon at the Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference. Some links for further information: Small Business Blogs Commoncraft Explanatory Videos on Blogs, RSS, etc. Business Blog Consulting The Cluetrain Manifesto Book: Naked Conversations Web Tools Diagram… Read more »

Cognitive Surplus

This is a connecting-the-dots post. Jim McGee discusses Clay Shirky’s recommendation to start looking at how we can leverage “cognitive surplus”: The first order of business for business is to immediately appropriate Shirky’s term. Organizations that care about innovation and adaptive capacity should begin talking about “cognitive surplus”. Look for ways to measure it, if… Read more »

Net Working

Le Café (Clark, Dave, George, Jane, Jay, and me) is in its infancy as a group of collaborators, but we’ve just finished an exercise that I think really shows the power of networks. Jay is on-site with a large company and during the day many questions came up that needed more reflection and multiple perspectives…. Read more »

Democratic Workplaces

The WordBlu most democratic workplace list is out for this year, with several Canadian companies on it: 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Axiom News La Siembra TakingITGlobal As my “not-yet-published” bio for our Cafe society reads, I’m rather interested in democracy: Harold likes to analyze situations, sense patterns, and make sense of them. He enjoys acting as “adviser of… Read more »

Is Johnny Bunko Right?

I recently picked up Dan Pink’s latest book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need, that tells the story about a young man working in the corporate rat race who is befriended by Diana, a magical advisor with six lessons for Johnny to uncover. Because it’s a graphical, Manga-style book… Read more »

Reaching interesting markets

In anticipation of the AIM Conference in May, Steve at Business New Brunswick asks: Here is another offer for you to consider: We would like to find local success stories of companies using the Internet to export, or just using it in a unique way or to reach interesting markets. Do you fall into this… Read more »

Busting down the barriers

My post on wirearchy has an interesting conversation going in the comments. What I’m noticing as well is that the barriers to more flexible and open business models are breaking down all over the place. I’ve met with three local companies this week and have offered some free advice (FWIW). One is focused on HR,… Read more »