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Thanks to my fellow freelancers

Over the past five years I’ve had the opportunity to work with, or at least try to find work, with other independent business people. In most cases we’ve worked without any contract, non-disclosure agreement or other formality. We’ve just trusted each other and it’s worked out. I’d like to thank my fellow free agents for… Read more »

Time Out

Time is used to measure a lot of things in my professional world. Many people bill by the hour or the day. I have a daily consulting rate but I prefer a fixed fee linked to deliverables. In the e-learning field there is always talk about an “hour of courseware”, though no one has ever… Read more »

An ecosystem of knowledge

Jon Husband dragged up an older post about blogging, that concludes: Finally, an ecosystem of knowledge can develop that consists of the aggregated sets of links and content the participants in a blogalogue create. And this “body of knowledge” and understanding remains online, available to anyone who cares to become involved. Advocates of blogging know… Read more »

Your valued opinion on work and life in the 21st Century

One of my favourite blogs is Nine Shift and the book of the same title is still worth reading, even after being in publication since 2003. Bill & Julie have recently been asking several questions that warrant comments, so I’m linking to them here: What you are doing in response to expensive gas. If you… Read more »

NRC IRAP Workshop Follow-up Links

Here are the follow up notes from the session in Halifax this afternoon on Open Source and Web 2.0. The Open Source Initiative Social Bookmarks, that are searchable and shareable, on the topics of Open Source and Web 2.0 Videos: Web 2.0 Open Source by Greg Papadopoulos Yochai Benkler (author of The Wealth of Networks)… Read more »

Going Solo

I would have loved to attend the Going Solo conference in Switzerland last week, but alas I had neither the time nor the budget to fly across the Atlantic. I’m starting to see more interest in the option of freelancing and I think that some of this has to do with demographics (aging boomers looking… Read more »

A Partnership Economy

Jon Husband, whom I finally had the chance to meet in person this week, sent me a link to a 1999 article by management guru Peter Drucker. Jon tells me that this article helped spark his concept of wirearchy. In Beyond the Information Revolution, Drucker explains the similarities between the printing; industrial and information revolutions…. Read more »

School Buses – A symptom of a larger problem

CBC News reports that: The P.E.I. government will be taking about a third of its school buses off the road immediately, and pulling the rest on Thursday and Friday after problems were found in some of the vehicles, the province announced … All of the province’s older buses, 104 of the 320 vehicles, were being… Read more »

Marketing Yourself as a Free-agent on the Internet

This is a follow-up post from my presentation on Marketing Yourself as a Free-agent on the Internet which I gave this afternoon at the Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference. Some links for further information: Small Business Blogs Commoncraft Explanatory Videos on Blogs, RSS, etc. Business Blog Consulting The Cluetrain Manifesto Book: Naked Conversations Web Tools Diagram… Read more »