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The best of thousands of posts on have been revised, synthesized, and edited to create the perpetual beta series comprised of the four e-books shown above.

Here’s a short Harvard Business Review article I co-authored: The Best Leaders are Constant Learners

Personal Knowledge Mastery

PKMastery is a sense-making disciplinary framework I have developed for over a decade. It is the active process of connecting people and ideas in order to be better professionals in any field of human endeavour.

Friday’s Finds

On every second Friday, since 2009, I review what I’ve noted on social media and post a curated selection of the best finds. I do this as a reflective thinking process and to take some of what I’ve learned and put it on a platform I control: this blog.

Book Reviews

I regularly review books that I have read and feel are worth recommending to others. Writing a review forces me to reflect on what I have found is important. Disclosure: I use Amazon affiliate links, for which I receive a small commission and then use any gift certificates to subsidize the purchase of more books. I sometimes receive free books from publishers.

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