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Conversation during a PKM workshop (Montreal). Photo by @ellacooper

Private Online Workshop for Your Organization

Organizations that want to develop personal knowledge mastery skills across the enterprise can arrange a custom workshop that covers the same activities and provides all the resources of the public workshop. In addition, it will ensure a focus on the specific context and needs of your organization. Organizations will receive:

  • a two-hour live online introduction to PKMastery
  • a choice of 4, 6, or 9 week duration for the 18 activities
  • daily online support
  • live online Q&A sessions every one or two weeks, depending on duration selected
  • recommendations for continuing development after the workshop
  • organizational license for the perpetual beta series

Cost: €8,500 (up to 30 participants)

Private On-site PKM Workshop

Cost: €7,000 plus expenses (20% discount for any online workshop)

Contact Harold for more information or to book a start date.