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Are things more complex now, than they were five years ago?

Your Work? Your Markets? Your Competition? Your Profession?

How may I help you?

Many organizations face the challenge of becoming more networked, collaborative, and distributed, all the while remaining agile in a changing environment. I can help executives, managers, and organizations master the new era of digital work.

  • Build trusted knowledge networks for collaborative work.
  • Embed social learning in the workflow to accelerate innovation.
  • Identify and foster communities of practice to test new ideas.
  • Promote connected leadership so that the entire network makes better decisions.

As the world keeps churning, work today is all about learning.

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Personal Knowledge Mastery

Triple Operating System

Perpetual Beta

Professional Services

  • Briefings – Presentations on the implications of the network era for leadership, management, and organizational development can be 1-3 hours on-site or online and cover issues of priority to your enterprise. Preparation, briefing, confidential discussions, and follow-up are included.
  • Coaching – Ongoing advice to guide executives and business owners on making sense of the network era; connecting learning, work, and technology.
  • Consulting – Focused on addressing complex problems involving collaborative work, connected leadership, and social learning, for a wide variety of clients, such as co-creation as a service.
  • Presentations – Topics range from enterprise collaboration and leadership in networks, to the future of work. Keynotes include preparation, full day on-site, resources, follow-up, and participation in related discussion panels or interviews.
  • Writing – Includes white papers, such as What’s Working in Online Training (over 28,000 views to date). A limited number of sponsored blog posts are also available.
  • Workshops – Three standard 1/2 day onsite workshops are available, two regularly scheduled online workshops (individual subscription), as well as custom-designed programs.

Professional Affiliations

Terms & Conditions

Fees ($US)

  • Workshops: 1/2 day onsite $6,000 (custom workshops extra)
  • Consulting: Short Term $2,500 per day
  • Consulting: Long Term $1,500 per day
  • Keynote Speaking: $7,500 includes active attendance at conference, interviews, and panel discussions
  • Fees do not include expenses at cost. Air travel for more than 4 hours charged as business class.


As an experienced professional international speaker, Harold Jarche always charges a fee. There are two payment options:

  1. Travel & lodging are booked and paid by the client, 30 days in advance, and 50% of the agreed-upon fee is paid in advance. The remainder is due on completion of service.
  2. The full fee, including a fixed travel & lodging estimate, is paid at least 30 days in advance.

Standard templates or formats for presentations are not used, so please do not ask.


Online workshop fees are paid for each individual through the PayPal payment button. Clients wishing to invoice or use purchase orders pay an additional 20% administration fee. Standard templates or formats for on-site workshops are not used, so please do not ask.


Projects are usually arranged with a fixed price quote following discussions on the scope of each project. Fees, travel & lodging are paid in the same manner as speaking engagements.