Are things more complex now, than they were five years ago?

Your Work? Your Markets? Your Customers? Your Profession?

How may I help you?

Many organizations face the challenge of becoming more networked, collaborative, and distributed, all the while remaining agile in a changing environment. I can help executives, managers, and organizations master the new era of digital work.

  • Build trusted knowledge networks for collaborative work.
  • Embed social learning in the workflow to accelerate innovation.
  • Identify and foster communities of practice to test new ideas.
  • Promote connected leadership so that the entire network makes better decisions.

As the world keeps churning, work today is all about learning.

jarche_professional_servicesProfessional Services

  • Pick Harold’s Brain – 90 minute session (Skype, G+, Phone) for an in-depth discussion of any professional topic. Clients may record these for internal use.
  • Briefings – Presentations on the implications of the network era for leadership, management, and organizational development can be 1-3 hours on-site or online and cover issues of priority to your enterprise. Preparation, briefing, confidential discussions, and follow-up are included.
  • Coaching – Ongoing advice to guide executives and business owners on making sense of the network era; connecting learning, work, and technology.
  • Consulting – Focused on addressing complex problems involving collaborative work, connected leadership, and social learning, for a wide variety of clients, such as co-creation as a service.
  • Presentations – Topics range from enterprise collaboration and leadership in networks, to the future of work. Keynotes include preparation, full day on-site, resources, follow-up, and participation in related discussion panels or interviews.
  • Writing – Includes white papers, such as What’s Working in Online Training (over 27,000 views to date). A limited number of sponsored blog posts are also available.
  • Workshops – Three standard 1/2 day onsite workshops are available, two regularly scheduled online workshops (individual subscription), as well as custom-designed programs.

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