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Harold Jarche is a keen subversive of the last century’s management and training models. Harold consults with organizations to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sensemaking.

The Principles of Scientific Management (1911)

“It is only through enforced standardization of methods, enforced adoption of the best implements and working conditions, and enforced cooperation that this faster work can be assured. And the duty of enforcing the adoption of standards and enforcing this cooperation rests with management alone.” —Frederick Winslow Taylor

The Principle of Network Management (2016)

The principle of network management flips the principles of scientific management, proposed by F.W. Taylor in 1911, on their head. The principle of network management is based on the premise that most people want to do good work and that systemic barriers often block this.

“It is only through innovative and contextual methods, the self-selection of the most appropriate tools and work conditions, and willing cooperation that more creative work can be fostered. The duty of being transparent in our work rests with all workers, especially management.” —Harold Jarche

network management diagram: outer ring “willing cooperation” at top and “gig mindset” at bottom; inner rings “self-selected tools” and “transparent work”; intersection of inner rings: “knowledge sharing”.

“Harold has the rare talent of being both a thought leader and a pragmatic communicator. He is a pioneer in personal knowledge mastery — a skill just beginning to be recognized as critical in our digital age. He spoke to a group I manage in Paris composed of digital practitioners from global organizations headquartered in Paris. Harold had a strong impact on the way they now see their own professional development.” —Jane McConnell, Author: The Gig Mindset Advantage

Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM)

PKM is a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world and work more effectively. PKM keeps us afloat in a sea of information — guided by professional communities and buoyed by social networks.

Waves crashing on a lighthouse marked PKM. text reads: working in complexity dealing with exceptions doing non-routine work being creative

Seek > Sense > Share are three elements at the core of Harold Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Mastery Framework. With PKM, he shaped one of the most persuasive approaches to personal and professional development, combining natural ways of learning with an approach to sensemaking and contributing to a larger collective.” —GIZ.DE

International Keynote Speaker

speaking in dresden germany
Speaking at HR Innovation Day in Leipzig, Germany

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“Harold Jarche combines a compassion for individuals in the organisation and society with a restless intellect and clarity of insight. He has created models drawing upon a solid foundation that give us great explanatory and predictive capability to understand how people can learn and work together more effectively.” —Clark Quinn