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“Harold’s posts are thoughtful. They’re long compared to most bloggers. And they’re filled with information and resources. This is a Johann Sebastian Bach level of productivity. It requires a combination of passion and discipline that you don’t see often.” Wally Bock

Workplace Learning Consultant

“Harold Jarche combines a compassion for individuals in the organisation and society with a restless intellect and clarity of insight. He has created models drawing upon a solid foundation that give us great explanatory and predictive capability to understand how people can learn and work together more effectively.”Clark Quinn

Harold consults with organizations to adapt to the technological, environmental, and economic challenges facing us today by focusing on knowledge-sharing and sensemaking in complexity — more.

International Keynote Speaker

“Harold has the rare talent of being both a thought leader and a pragmatic communicator. He is a pioneer in personal knowledge mastery — a skill just beginning to be recognized as critical in our digital age. He spoke to a group I manage in Paris composed of digital practitioners from global organizations headquartered in Paris. Harold had a strong impact on the way they now see their own professional development.”Jane McConnell

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Personal Knowledge Mastery

“I had the opportunity to work with Harold while developing collaborative knowledge-sharing practices for a global predictive chemistry network. Harold guided us in assessing our needs and setting realistic goals. He revitalized the global network by demonstrating the value of focusing on people instead of tools, as well as the introduction of his PKM model (seek-sense-share). “— Senior Analyst: Global Pharmaceutical Company — Image: Tanmay Vora

Harold helps individuals and organizations to work in perpetual beta — combining agile work practices with the human connections in social networks and communities of practice. The personal knowledge mastery framework is composed of practical methods to connect work and learning.

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“Harold provides pragmatic, forward thinking guidance in his blog … I have great respect for his tendency to challenge the way we think in learning.”Emma Weber