actionable insights on learning & work

My name is Harold Jarche and I provide actionable insights on learning and working in a networked society. I work with individuals, organizations, and public policy influencers to address the emerging network era with a focus on sense-making, knowledge-sharing, and innovation.

Clients have included the Prime Minister’s Office of Finland, Carlsberg A/S, and Amazon. I help organizations adapt to the technological, demographic, and societal changes facing us today. A reader once described me as “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”.

Contact me for pragmatic guidance on working in perpetual beta — combining agile work practices with the human connections in social networks and communities of practice. My personal knowledge mastery framework provides professionals with practical methods to connect work and learning.

As an active international keynote speaker, I also conduct online workshops for individuals & organizations, write on the theme of perpetual beta, and offer consulting services to help solve complex problems.