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Dave Pollard recounts the terrible service he received from Dell. It seems that customer care at Dell means:

The so-called Customer Care department has absolutely no authority to do anything for customers. Their sole job is to explain and apologize for Dell’s idiotic policies, including the five above. They are instructed never to give out their full names, and never to give out names, addresses or contact information of anyone higher up in Dell. In other words, these lackeys are paid to run interference, stonewall and prevent aggrieved customers, and customers who have ideas for improvement, from any contact with the people in Dell who could resolve or act on them. Staggering arrogance, disgraceful and classic corporatist contempt for customers. Every customer has the right to complain, in writing, about bad service or bad products. And in the process to copy the regulatory authorities so that if the complaints are frequent, the conduct of the company will be investigated.

I own two Dell computers, and according to Dave, one in four Dell computers has a serious problem. So what can the small business operator do to get good quality products and at least fair service? I know many people who have had problems with their Apple computers as well.

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  1. Anonymous

    Problems with computers vs. problems with supportI’ve had excellent service from Apple. I had a PowerBook G3 that I’d bought in 1999 that wouldn’t let me install Mac OS X when it was released (despite being officially-supported hardware), and Apple replaced the motherboard free of charge — I didn’t even pay for shipping.

    This year I had the SuperDrive in my PowerBook G4 refuse to burn DVDs a week before the warranty expired, and it was fixed — after some patient, helpful and knowledgeable service techs were unable to resolve the issue — at no cost. And without any stonewalling to get the warranty to run out so they wouldn’t have to deal with me. They even sent me a 10-pack of blank DVD-Rs to replace the discs I’d wasted trying to get it to work (they were Apple-branded discs) — without me asking for them!

    Sure, others’ mileage may vary, but my experiences with Apple have been positive. Then again, I’ve never owned a Dell. Never will, either. I’ll stick with companies that use high-quality parts, like Apple, Sony or IBM.

    –Christopher Mackay


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