Small Business Leads the Way

Rafe Needleman writes in ZD Net how big businesses have a lot to learn from small businesses. His interview with the Chief Technology Strategist from Accenture resulted in the realisation that small businesses set the example in efficiency and optimal technology use. For instance, it was the home office that pioneered the Palm Pilot, avoids technology infrastructure investments (can’t afford them) and is already using blogs for knowledge transfer.

In fact, I think these giant firms, with their one-letter stock ticker symbols, have a lot to learn from small businesses — the millions of companies that constantly do more with less, live by their wits and not their inertia, and actually make up the backbone of the US economy.

Many of my clients are interested in the tools that I’m using (Skype, Open Office, blogs, wikis, open source), or some innovative knowledge-sharing processes, but usually come up against a brick wall with HR, IT, Purchasing, etc. Memo to decision-makers in large firms: look to small businesses to see what "really" works in the networked office.

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