Gas up or plug in?

An interesting dichotomy is appearing in our world. The price of communication is decreasing while the price of transportation is increasing. Most of our transportation systems rely on oil and it is becoming more expensive to travel any distance. At the same time, many of us have the luxury of cheap global communications, with fixed monthly long-distance rates, e-mail and more recently – voice over IP.
I’m wondering if the recent price increases in gas will finally push us into new models of work. Some organisations allow for tele-commuting and there are virtual workers with satellite offices spread all over the world, but the norm is still the worker going to the workplace. For some this is a necessity, but in many cases it’s a job requirement to ensure that employees are kept under control.
Working at a distance – with the Internet as my medium and software as my tools – has been my work reality for a few years. It takes some skill and knowledge to work virtually but I sure am glad that I no longer have my 110 km (68 mile) daily commute with gas at $CA 1.30 per litre (=$US 4.15 per gallon).

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  1. Christopher Mackay

    Lower expenses working from homeNot to mention that many companies charge business customers significantly more than they charge residential customers for precisely the same services. Aliant, I’m thinking about you.


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