ELGG 0.3 Available

ELGG is an open source system that facilitates communities on the web. It has several functions including blogs, file uploading & sharing and social networking. You can create communities and groups on the fly, so there are no built-in constraints. The user decides who to connect with and what information is available for viewing publicly, personally or only for selected groups.
Version 0.3 provides multilingul support that is easy to implement with only a single text file that can be localized for your particular needs. I’ve been impressed with version 0.2 and see many improvements with the latest version. Other good news coming down the pipe is that ELGG will likely integrate easily with the Moodle open source learning system. Then you could have small pieces loosely joined – one for communities and the other for more formal learning.

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  1. Alain Farmer

    Features of Elgg> Elgg has several functions including (…) —> and a *wiki* too!  :-))


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