Ubiquitously Connected & Pervasively Proximate

Mark Federman has made some interesting observations in a paper that he recently presented. Here’s an excerpt from “Why Johnny And Janey Can’t Read, And Why Mr. And Ms. Smith Can’t Teach: The challenge of multiple media literacies”:

The UCaPP world “ubiquitously connected and pervasively proximate” is a world of relationships and connnections. It is a world of entangled, complex processes, not content. It is a world in which the greatest skill is that of making sense and discovering emergent meaning among contexts that are continually in flux. It is a world in which truth, and therefore authority, is never static, never absolute, and not always true.

I presented this observation at the LearnNB quarterly meeting last week and I think that many people are in denial in the training & education field. These people see online learning systems as replications of the industrial classroom. Many don’t understand the premise that “Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy”. The generation that knows only a world with the Internet has a very different perspective on knowledge acquisition, sharing, learning and who’s really in charge.

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